Marriage in Islam || A Few Rules for a Happy Marriage

A Few Rules for a Happy Marriage

  1.  Tell each other you love each other. 
  2.  Never both be angry at the same time. 
  3.  If you have to criticise, do it lovingly.
  4.  Never bring up old mistakes.
  5.  Never go to sleep with an argument unsettled.
  6.  Neglect the whole dunya rather than each other.
  7.  Pray together at least once a day.
  8.  Remember that behind every successful spouse is an exhausted partner. 
  9.  Remember it takes two to quarrel.
  10.  When you have done something wrong, admit it.
  11.  At least once a day, say something kind or complimentary to your partner. 
  12.  Do not go to bed more than ten minutes after your partner.
  13.  Listen when your partner is speaking.
  14.  Remember that your spouse is more important than the television/match/video etc.
  15.  Notice when your partner is wearing something new, or has new hairdo. 
  16.  Remember anniversaries.
  17.  Thank your partner for their gift or effort on your behalf.
  18.  Last one up, make the bed.
  19.  Notice when your spouse looks tired, and do something about it.
  20.  Never run your partner down, or criticise them in public.

And Finally:

Good humour sometimes wins battles
that force and reason lose.

Patience is the ability to count down
before blasting off.

'My wife has a terrible memory;
she remembers everything.

'Spouses have a keen sense of humour;
the more you humour them,
the better they like it.'

We have to learn to be our best friends, 
for we fall too easily into the trap of being 
our worst enemies.

Matrimonial indigestion is something 
we marry that doesn't agree with us.

Love at first sight is about as reliable as a 
doctor's diagnosis at first handshake.

When a wife is not talking to her husband, 
she is trying to-tell him something.

Discussion is an exchange of intelligence.
Argument is an exchange of ignorance.

A good mother is not a person to lean on, 
but one who makes leaning unnecessary.

The philosopher who said that work well done
 never needs doing again, never lived with 
an untidy spouse or children.

Happiness is getting the tissue out of the box 
before you sneeze.----------------

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