BELIEF IN ALLAH || Scholars Explain the Wonders that Allah has Made in His Creation

Scholars Explain the Wonders that Allah has Made in His Creation

Scholars - past and present - have explained the wonders of Allah in His creation. They exhort themselves thereby as they exhort others. We will quote below some of the conclusions reached by scholars of the past and the present.

Reading these quotes, the reader should bear in mind the words of Moosa (Moses) to Fir'awn (Pharaoh):

 قَالَ رَبُّنَا الَّذِیۡۤ اَعۡطٰی کُلَّ شَیۡءٍ خَلۡقَهٗ ثُمَّ هَدٰی ﴿۵۰

..."Our Lord is He Who gave to each thing its form and nature, then guided it aright." (Qur'an 20: 50).

Allah (SWT), has given each thing that He has created which suits it, and has guided it to that which befits it... we will see examples of this giving and guiding below.

Bodies are formed of cells, which divide

What are the living bodies formed of, and how?

Explaining this matter a modern researcher, Dr. Yusuf 'Izz Uddeen says, "Most animals and plants are formed of a huge number of these tiny units which we call cells, just as a building is formed of stones laid next to one another."

Why are cells continually dividing?

Dr. Yusuf 'Izz Uddeen explains the secret behind the division of cells:

"The cells of our bodies and the bodies of other animals are always dividing. This division makes the body grow, or makes up for cells that have been lost or have died for various reasons. Each of these cells is basically formed from a wondrous substance called protoplasm.

The contents of each cell perform specific functions; among these contents are minute "bodies" which carry the genetic factors. These are called chromosomes.

The number of chromosomes in the cells of each species of animals and plants is fixed. The number of chromosomes in cats, for example, is different from the number in dogs or elephants or carrots or beans.

In each cell of the human body, the number of chromosomes is forty- six.

When a cell divides into two in our bodies, each cell must contain the same number of chromosomes, i.e., forty-six. If this number were distorted or changed, man would not be man. As we have mentioned, this division of cells happens continually, at all hours of the day, even when we are sleeping. Even now, we still do not know the real nature of the forces that control this amazing action of cell division. Science stops as describing the practical steps that have been observed through regular microscopes or electron microscopes which can magnify things far more than regular microscopes."

Why are reproductive cells different from other cells?

Dr. Yusuf says: "All the cells which are produced by cellular division in our bodies must contain forty-six chromosomes, apart from two types of cells, which are the reproductive cells, i.e., the male sperm and the female egg. When the tissue cells divide to produce these reproductive cells, they produce cells which do not contain forty-six chromosomes; instead, they contain half that number, so that each reproductive cell, whether male or female, contains twenty-three chromosomes."

Then he explains why this happens, and says:
"This happens for a great reason: the male cell (sperm) must join with the female cell (egg) to form the first cell in the body of the embryo, which we call the fertilized cell, where the twenty-three chromosomes in the male cell join the twenty-three chromosomes in the female cell, so that the number of chromosomes in the new cell is restored to the original number, forty-six chromosomes.

This fertilized cell which now contains forty-six chromosomes continues to divide, becoming two cells, then four, then eight, and so on, until the foetus is fully formed and emerges from its mother's womb. (The foetus) continues to grow by cell division until it becomes a fully-grown human being, with forty-six chromosomes in each of its cells, as in the cells of the bodies of its mother, father, grandparents and all other members of the human race."

"This halving of the number of chromosomes in the reproductive cells so that they can join together and restore the number to the original could never happen as the result of blind forces. It has to be the result of precise calculation on the part of a sublime power that knows what it is doing.

At the same time, this operation cannot be the result of trial and error. If only one mistake had happened at the beginning of creation, it would have dealt a final blow to the life form before the second generation had been created. This arrangement has to have been completed before the first foetus ever to appear was formed. Is this not sufficient evidence of the existence of a wise, capable and controlling higher power?"

Why do not brain cells divide?

The other type of cell that is unlike all the others is the brain cell which, unlike all other cells in the body, does not divide. Concerning the reason why it does not divide, Dr. Yusuf says:

"It could not have come about through trial and error that the only cells that do not divide are the nerve cells from which the brain and the rest of the nervous system are formed. If these cells were to divide like other cells, the results would be disastrous. In this case the brain cells would not be able to preserve a person's personality and all the features of his memory would disappear within a few hours.

The number of brain cells that are present in a person or animal does not increase even by one cell until the individual dies, whereas the red blood cells are cells which die and are replaced by new cells every hundred days or so. Red blood cells are manufactured in the bone marrow, then sent to join the flow of blood to take the place of cells that have died."

The reason why muscles in the body vary in strength

On this topic Dr. Yusuf also says:

"The strongest muscles in the body of both humans and mammals are the muscles of the uterus in females, the muscles which push the foetus out of its mother's womb. If these muscles had not been so strong from the beginning of creation, the first newborn would never have emerged from its mother's womb.

The next strongest muscles after those of the uterus are the muscles of the jaw, and the muscles of the heart which must continue to work night and day to push the blood around the circulatory system for a period which may last for more than a hundred years. Similarly, the jaw muscles must remain able to bring the teeth together to chew tons of food over a lifetime."

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