BELIEF IN ALLAH || Allah's creation is full of wonders || Wonders of Allah's Creation

The whistling bird kills the viper

Ibn al-A'raabi said that a snake ate the eggs of a whistling bird, and the bird started screeching and flying at the snake's head, until the snake opened its mouth. Then the bird threw a fish spine into its mouth, and it stuck in the snake's throat until it died.

The cunning of the fox

Among the amazing features of the fox is that when it gets infested with fleas, it takes a piece of wool in its mouth then goes to some shallow water, where it submerges itself gradually until the fleas jump onto that piece of wool. Then it lets the wool go and comes out of the water.

Another of its amazing features is that once a wolf ate the young of a fox, and the wolf also had young. There was an enclosed place like a pitfall nearby, so the fox went there and dug a tunnel to get out, then it went to the wolf and killed its young, then sat down and waited for him. When the wolf came back and realized that it was the fox that had done this, he started to chase him. The fox threw himself into that pitfall, then escaped through the tunnel. The wolf threw himself in after him, but he could not find him and he could not escape. Then the people who lived nearby came and killed him.

Once there was a man who had two chickens. The fox hid from him and snatched one, then ran away. Then he thought about how he could get the other chicken. He presented himself to the man from a distance, with something in his mouth that looked like a bird. By dropping it and running away, he made the man think it was his chicken. When the man rushed towards it, the fox doubled back and took the other chicken, then ran away.

Once a fox came to an island on which there were birds, and he tried hard to catch one of them, but he could not. Then he went and brought a bunch of grass which he threw into the water which was flowing towards the island, and the birds were afraid of it, but when they realized that it was only grass, they settled down again. The fox did this again, a second time, and a third and a fourth, until the birds got used to it. Then he brought a bigger bunch of grass and hid in it, and went over to where the birds were. The birds were sure that it was the same as the previous bunches of grass, so they did not fly away from it. Then the fox pounced on a bird and devoured it.

When the fox is starving, its body swells up, then it goes and throws itself down in the desert, as if it is dead. Birds come to see what it is, and it appears to be neither moving nor breathing. The birds are sure that it is dead, and when they start to peck at it, the fox pounces and kills them.

When a fox comes across a hedgehog, it flips it onto its back because of its spines, and it curls itself up into a ball. Then the fox urinates on the hedgehog's belly, which makes it uncurl, and the fox grabs it by the belly, separates the meat from the spiny skin and eats it.

The wonders of the wolf

Once a wolf attacked a man and wanted to kill him, but he saw that the man had a bow and arrows. He went and got the skull of a camel, and faced the man, holding it in his mouth. Every time the man shot an arrow at him, he deflected it with that skull, until the man was worn out. When the man realized that his arrows had run out, he called someone else to help him drive the wolf away.

The wonders of monkeys

Bukhari mentioned in his ṣaḥeeḥ that 'Amr ibn Maymoon al-Awdi said: During the Jaahiliyah (Pre-Islamic period), I saw a male monkey and a female monkey committing zinaa. The other monkeys gathered together and stoned them to death. These monkeys upheld the limits of Allah when the sons of Adam were neglecting them.

The wonders of cows

Cows are proverbially seen as being slow and stupid, but the Prophet (ﷺ) said:

"Whilst a man was driving a cow, he rode on it, and she said, 'I was not created for this." The people said, "Subhaan Allah! Can a cow speak?" He said: "I believe it and Abu Bakr and 'Umar believe it, and that is enough."

And he said: "Whilst a man was tending his sheep, the wolf attacked a ewe, and he saved her. The wolf said: 'You saved her from me, but who will save her on the day of the carnivores, the day when she will have no other shepherd but me?"" The people said, "Subhaan Allah! Can a wolf talk?" The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said:

"I believe it and Abu Bakr and 'Umar believe it, and that is enough."

The wonders of mice

Among the wonders of mice is that if a mouse drinks oil from the top of a vessel, then the level of the oil drops and it can no longer reach it, it goes and gets a mouthful of water. It then pours into the vessel, so that the level of oil will come up again and it can drink some more.

Some animals use medicine

Doctors claim that the idea of using enemas was taken from a kind of bird that has a long beak. If it is finding it difficult to defecate, it goes to salty water, takes some water in its beak, and gives itself an enema, then the droppings are passed quickly.

When weasels and hedgehogs eat snakes, they go and eat crabs, as a kind of medicine for that.

When the fox suffers a headache or a wound, it goes to a certain kind of dye and puts it on the wound like a kind of ointment. When the bear suffers a wound, it goes to a plant which is known to it, but is unknown to the herbalists, and treats itself with it, and it gets better. 

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