BELIEF IN ALLAH || Comparison Between Man of Thought and Man of 'Aqeedah

Comparison Between Man of Thought (Philosophy) and Man of 'Aqeedah

Before closing this topic, I would like to say that we need men of 'aqeedah, not men of philosophy. We need people who can deal with the ailments and problems of this ummah, and philosophers cannot do that.

Professor Aḥmad Ameen (may Allah have mercy on him) made a comparison between man of philosophy and man of 'aqeedah, and the respective effect on life.

"There is a great difference between holding an opinion and believing in something. If you have an opinion, it simply becomes part of the information that you have retained; but if you believe in it, it flows with your blood and sinks deep into your heart and mind." 

The philosopher who has an opinion and an idea says, "I think that this is correct but in reality it may be wrong; this is what the evidence points to today, but tomorrow the evidence may point to the opposite; I may be wrong about this or I may be right."

But the one who follows 'aqeedah-creed- is definite and certain; he has no doubts and does not engage in speculation. His 'aqeedah is true and does not change, and it will still be true tomorrow. It is no longer subject to evidence. It is above doubts and conjecture.

The one who holds an inference and thinking opinion - is emotionally cool and unenthusiastic. If what he thinks is proven to be true, he merely smiles in a restrained manner, and if it is not proven to be true, it doesn't matter, for he has already taken the precaution of noting that whilst he believes his opinion to be correct, it may be wrong, and that another person's opinion, which he believes to be mistaken, may be right. But the one who follows 'aqeedah is warm and enthusiastic, and does not feel content unless his 'aqeedah is fulfilled.

The one who has philosophical opinion may easily change his mind and adopt new ideas, because he only follows evidence, or his own interests when they come in the form of evidence. But the best way to describe the one who follows 'aqeedah is the way in which the Messenger(ﷺ) described:

"If the sun were to be placed in my right hand and the moon in my left, to make me forsake that which I have brought, I would not do so."1

Mere opinion is like a dead body; it is lifeless unless it is infused with the breath of 'aqeedah. Mere opinion is like a dark cave which remains unlit unless 'aqeedah shines its rays into it. Mere opinion is like a stagnant pond in which mosquitoes lay their eggs. 'Aqeedah, on the other hand, is like a vast ocean where insignificant insects are not allowed to multiply.

Mere opinion is an unformed nebula, whilst 'aqeedah is a brightly shining star.

Mere opinion creates problems and obstacles, pays attention to physical desire, creates doubts and fosters hesitation, whilst 'aqeedah pays no heed to danger, causes mountains to tremble, changes the course of history, wipes out doubt and hesitation, and engenders strength and certainty; it permits nothing but the fulfilment of the aims of the soul.2

1. This is a da'eef (weak) hadith which is narrated by At-Tabari in his Taareekh (2/326) and by Al-Bayhaqi in Dalaa'il an-Nubuwwah (2/187), from Ibn Ishaaq. Its isnad is munqați' (broken). See As-Seerah an-Nabawiyah by Ibn Hishaam, 1/330. 
2. Aḥmad Ameen, Fayd al-Khaatir, quoting from Al-Qaraḍaawi's, Al-Eemaan wa'l-Hayaat, Pp. 22.

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