BELIEF IN ALLAH || The great mystery of the creation of the earth and animals

How the bones and joints are designed

The bones of our bodies and those of a number of other animals can be moved at the joints. Certain muscles contract whilst others simultaneously expand in harmony, and the hand, leg, finger or other part of the body moves in the way in which the person or animal wants it to move. The joints are formed in such a way that they are able to slide, so the creature does not feel any friction.

The vertebrae of the spinal column are joined in a way that is designed to take pressure and avoid friction. The vertebrae are connected to one another, and it is an amazing design. The spinal column encloses the spinal cord to protect it just as the skull protects the brain inside it, and nerves extend from the spinal cord through holes in the vertebrae. All these design features have to have happened at the same time, because if even one aspect of this design was lacking, the animal would not be able to move. Does it make sense to suggest that all of these features could have happened at the same time as the result of an accident?

The reason why blood clots

It is well-known that if we are wounded, the blood which comes out of the veins at the site of the wound quickly clots. There is a reason behind this. The congealed blood seals the wounded blood vessels, thus stemming the flow of blood. If this clotting did not happen, the individual would bleed to death.

What it indicates is that a deliberate plan on the part of the Creator to protect living beings is the fact that we find it happening in different ways in different creatures. The result in all cases is the same. In most insects, if the insect such as a cockroach, for example, is wounded, a number of cells gather and form a seal over the wound so that no blood can come out. In some insects we find that the blood clots just as our blood does.

The fact that the same goal is reached by different means, as we have stated above, offers definitive proof of the existence of a Creator Who controls and designs things in different ways in order to reach a specific goal for which He keeps the living being alive.

The sensory antennae of mosquitoes

It cannot be accidental that the sensory antennae of the male mosquito have longer hairs than those on the antennae of the female. In the past, it was believed that these longer hairs served as an adornment, to make the male attractive to the female. But it then became apparent that these hairs of the antennae of the male mosquito are able to pick up special sounds made by the female from a great distance. These sounds made by the female travel by waves which, to a large extent, resemble the waves of a broadcast.

The male waves his antennae in different directions just as we move the antenna of a television in order to get a clearer picture. In certain positions the antennae pick up the female's sound clearly, and from the angle of his antennae, he knows instinctively where the female is who is making the sound. So he flies towards her, taking the shortest route, in order to mate with her.

Thus we note that the Creator has given the mosquito this amazing ability to detect the female's sound from dozens of meters away, despite the fact that there are many other sounds crowding the airwaves. If this did not happen, the male mosquito would not be able to find the female easily, and mosquitoes would not be able to survive generation after generation.

This is like a broadcast receptor in the mosquito's antennae which it used millions of years before man was able to discover the secrets of wireless communication. Is it possible that such a thing could have happened as the result of blind chance?

Creatures which flash in the darkness

The females of some species of insects flash in the darkness, with a frequency which is distinguishable to the males of the same species and which they do not confuse with the flashes of other species which are emitted on a different frequency. When the male sees these flashes, which are barely discernible to our eyes, he flies to the female and mating takes place, thus ensuring the continued survival of the species.

Mathematics proves that a system of this kind could never be formed by the blind and unreasonable forces of "nature." It is a system devised by a Creator Who knows what He is doing and Who orders things in the most amazing fashion in order to achieve a certain goal.

The digestive process in animals

We know that it is essential to cut food into small pieces to make it easy to digest. The teeth have different structures and are arranged differently in different animals in order to perform the same function, which is cutting up food.

In man, the teeth are arranged in an amazing fashion. We see that man has incisors, canines and molars, arranged in such a fashion that each kind of tooth performs a specific function. Animals do not have any kind of teeth that they do not need. Animals which feed on liquids are equipped with special means of sucking up their liquid food and conveying it to the digestive tract. When animals, which have teeth, chew, the secretions of their salivary glands mix with the food to initiate the digestive process.

In the stomach and intestines — as we have mentioned above ---- the animal produces enzymes, each of which work on a certain kind of food and have no effect on others.

Formation of the embryo

The development of the embryo in any kind of animal is something amazing. Science is only able to describe the stages in this process; it is incapable of explaining its nature and the forces which push it towards a specific goal, namely the formation of the embryo of a given animal.

This process begins with the joining of the male cell (sperm) to the female cell (egg), to form the fertilized cell. The fertilized cell then begins to divide by means of an amazing force which resides in it, so the cell becomes two cells, then four cells, then eight cells, and so on... until the number of cells reaches a specific limit, and it becomes like a hollow ball, the wall of which consists of a single layer of cells. Then half of the ball goes inside the other half, making two layers of cells in the wall.

In most animals including man — a third layer of cells forms between these two layers. The cells continue to divide, and each of these three layers develops into specific organs.

The outer layer develops into the skin and nervous system, and some other parts. The middle layer develops into muscles and bones. The inner layer develops into part of the digestive tract. The cells continue to divide until the foetus is fully formed inside its mother's womb, in mammals, or inside the egg, if it is an egg-laying animal. When the foetus is fully formed, the uterus of the mother expels it, in the case of mammals, or it breaks the egg and emerges, in the case of animals which lay eggs.

The formation of the ear

No reasonable person could imagine that the formation of the ear in man and in a number of other animals could have come about by accident. The ear has a drum which picks up sound waves and vibrates. These vibrations are carried to three tiny bones which are arranged in an amazing fashion. The pressure on both sides of the eardrum should always be equal; for that reason there is a tube behind the ear which connects to the nasal cavity. The internal part of the ear is connected to a bone which is shaped like a shell. Its function is to analyze noises and distinguish between tones; it also controls the sense of balance. If it were not for this, we would not be able to take even one step without tripping and falling.

The sounds then travel via the nerves to the auditory centre of the brain, so that the person or animal may understand the sounds he hears and distinguish them from one another. Could all of this have happened at the same time by chance? The mathematical laws of probability rule that out completely.

Filariae worms

Amazing things happen to living beings, things that cannot be counted. They point to the existence of a higher power which controls all things and enable living beings to survive. These are things which could not happen by chance, such as the lifecycle of the worm which causes the disease known as elephantiasis. These worms are called filariae worms.

In their adult stage, these worms sink into the human lymph vessels and lymph glands. They block the lymph glands, causing limbs to swell, especially the calves, one or both of them, where a person's calf may become as big as that of an elephant. These worms mate whilst they are inside the human lymph glands, thus producing small worms which move from the lymph vessels to the blood vessels. If these worms stay in human blood vessels, they cannot complete their lifecycle. They have to move to the body of certain types of mosquitoes in order to complete their life cycle. Then they become able to infect man. So when the mosquito sucks the blood of an infected person, it also takes in some of these small worms, which then grow inside the mosquito's body until they are fully grown. Then they are able to infect a man when the mosquito injects them into his bloodstream whilst feeding on his blood.

The scientists tried to obtain samples of these worms from the blood of people who were infected with this disease, but all their attempts met with failure, until something very strange happened.

One night, one of the scientists was staying up late at night in the laboratory. He took a blood sample from an infected person and examined it under the microscope, and was amazed to see huge numbers of these worms in the sample that he had taken. During the day he had taken a sample from the same patient and had not seen any trace of the worms. He was very curious to know the reason why the worms were present in the blood sample taken at night, when they were not present in a blood sample taken from the same person during the day.

It became clear that these tiny worms escape to the internal blood vessels during the day, and come back to the blood vessels which are closer to the surface of the skin at night. The reason for this is that the mosquitoes which feed on human blood in these places only come out at night. Hence the worms move to the blood vessels which are closer to the surface of the skin at that time, so that the mosquitoes can suck them up with the blood, and they can complete their life- cycle inside the mosquito's body. Of course, these worms do not know or understand anything about the mosquitoes in whose bodies they complete their life-cycle. They do this by instinct, i.e., there is a higher power which causes them to behave in this manner so that they can survive.

It is amazing that in places where the kinds of mosquitoes that suck blood are active in the day and not at night, we find that these worms do the opposite: they stay in the inner blood vessels at night and come to the blood vessels that are near the skin during the day, so that the mosquitoes in this case too are able to suck them up with the blood. Could this have happened by chance?

The magnetism of the earth

If we turn aside from the creation of living beings and their mind- boggling wonders, and look at this vast universe, we will find many amazing things. The first of these wonders is the magnetism that exists in the sphere of the earth. This is what keeps us attached to the earth and prevents us from being thrown off into space whilst the earth rotates.

This magnetism is different from the magnetism that exists in a bar magnet. We know that a bar magnet is able to attract some things, but not others such as meat, paper, glass, stones, sand, water, etc. But the magnetism of the earth attracts and holds everything, our bodies, glass, sand, water, stones and paper. If the earth did not hold these things, nothing would be left on its surface.

The size, dimensions and orbit of heavenly bodies

Fred Hoyle, professor of astronomy at London University, says in his book The Nature of the Universe that there are some heavenly bodies whose size is so astoundingly vast that it almost defies imagination, and that in relation to one of these bodies the earth would look like a grain of sand.

The great American scholar Christie Morrison, the former head of the Academy of Science in New York, says: "The position of the heavenly bodies did not happen merely by chance. They are placed in a calculated manner in space. If the moon, for example, was closer to the earth by a quarter of the distance that separates us from it, the ebb and flow of the tides would become so strong that all dry land would be flooded at high tide, and as a result all creatures that live on the dry land would be drowned. If the axis of the earth was not at an angle of 23o, this would result in permanent night at the poles. Evaporation from the oceans would lead to the formation of huge icecaps, the pressure of which would cause the earth to bulge. There would be less rain, to an extent which would make life on earth impossible. The speed of the earth's revolution would approach 1000 mph. Even if we were to imagine it spinning at a speed of only 100 mph, this would make both night and day longer, with the result that all plants and animals would burn during the day from the intense heat, and freeze at night because of the intense cold."

In the voluminous book by Dr. Judd, Professor of philosophy at London University, there is a discussion of the different ways in which the universe and life could have come into being, discussed from a scientific and philosophical point of view. The summary of this detailed discussion is that the universe can only have come into being as the result of an amazing process of creation. Allah (SWT), indeed spoke the truth when He said:

سَنُرِیۡهِمۡ اٰیٰتِنَا فِی الۡاٰفَاقِ وَ فِیۡۤ اَنۡفُسِهِمۡ حَتّٰی یَتَبَیَّنَ لَهُمۡ اَنَّهُ الۡحَقُّ ؕ

We will show them Our Signs in the universe, and in their own selves, until it becomes manifest to them that this [the Qur'an] is the truth... (Qur'an 41: 53)

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