BELIEF IN ALLAH || The way in which the senses are formed in living beings

The way in which the senses are formed in living beings 

Dr. Yusuf explains to us that "most animals have sensory organs such as sight, smell, touch and hearing. The basic format of the eye is similar in all mammals and other creatures. Its formation is very complex and amazing. The eye has a lens through which light passes and an opening through which light enters the lens. This opening through which light enters the eye automatically becomes wider in low light and smaller in bright light. The reason for that is clear. When the light is low, the eye needs more light in order to see objects clearly, and when the light is bright, it needs less light.

The eye sees things in low light, but man has not yet been able to invent a camera that can take pictures in such low light.

The bee is able to see ultra-violet rays, and the owl is able to see infra- red rays, which we are not able to see. These are heat rays which enable the owl to see a mouse in deep darkness, by seeing these heat rays which are emitted by the mouse's warm body.

The rays of light which enter the eye fall on the retina at the back of the eye. The retina is formed of nine different layers, which all together are no thicker than a piece of paper. The layer which is at the back of the eye is formed of millions of rods and cones arranged in a certain order which allows them to distinguish colours. The optic nerve transmits these sensations to a specific area of the brain which translates these sensations into a clear image of what the eye sees.

This amazing formation of the lens, rods and cones, and nerves can only have happened at one time. If they were not all created at the same time, sight would have been impossible. How can it be that all these factors complement one another at the same time?

The science of mathematics tells us that it is impossible for all these things to have happened at one time by chance. A television camera is a primitive imitation of the process of vision which is accomplished by the eye. All the things that the human mind has invented are primitive imitations of what exists in nature. If a simple camera needed so much thought and reasoning to be invented, does it make any sense to say that the eye of a human or any other animal could have been formed by chance?

It is truly amazing that for every animal which needs to be able to see, Allah (SWT), has created eyes with which it can see. Although those eyes may differ greatly from our own in the way they are formed, they still meet the same goal, which is to see. So we find in the earthworm, for example, cells in its skin which are sensitive to light and darkness. This is all that is needed by creatures such as this worm, which lives in tunnels beneath the ground.

Insects have eyes which are formed differently from the eyes of humans, monkeys, cows, turtles and fish, but despite these differences the insects still see whatever they look at with these eyes. The fact that these different means all reach the same goal is not something that could have come about by chance; it has to be the result of a plan aimed at reaching a specific goal.

Allah (SWT), has blessed every creature with senses and understanding according to its needs. The housefly, for example, needs eyes to see food, and it feels every movement aimed at attacking it. Hence the Creator equipped it with a pair of compound eyes, as He gave to most insects. Each of these compound eyes is composed of hundreds of units which resemble one another and are packed close together.

Each one of these units sees part of the object that is being viewed, and these partial images combine to give the fly a complete picture. Its Creator has also given it another kind of eye, called the simple eye. There are three of these simple eyes on the top of the fly's head; their function is to spot any movement. It is these eyes which make catching the fly almost impossible."

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